Jesus Is My Strength

Jesus is My Strength is our best selling design available in an array of tinted colors from P.R. Evans Designs.

Jesus is My Strength speaks of the power of God in our times of weakness, struggles, joys, and comforting to know that Jesus Strength has our back in all situations that occur in one’s life.

The design, the message shouts a testimony to everyone who sees it that Jesus, not myself, not anyone else but only the Lord provides the strength needed for my day.

We currently have 15 color variations of the design with the addition of six more colors. The three new tinted colors are shown below. Those colors are Orange Tint, Gold Tint, and Silver Tint.

We also have Orange, Gold, and Silver in solid colors not tinted.

Red Tint, Purple Tint, Pink Tint, Mint Green Tint, Green Tint, Dark Blue Tint, Blue Green Tint, Blue Tint, and, Rose Tint.

Three New Vibrant Colors added for Jesus in My Strength. Orange Tint, Gold Tint, and Silver Tint.


Orange Tint


Gold Tint


Silver Tint


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