DIY Craft Project Ideas

DIY Craft Projects

Creative DIY craft ideas: How to make a Tassel Blanket, Clothespin Card Wreath ideal for the holidays or any special occasion, Dreamcatcher Card Display, How to Hang Prints with Binder Clips, need a centerpiece then check out Mason Jar Centerpieces.

  • DIY: Easy Easter Candy Kabobs
    If you have a sweet tooth, minimal crafting skills, and a desire to impress, you’re going to love this DIY project. Here we’ll show you how to create colorful candy kabobs perfect to serve at parties or give as favors for bridal showers, birthdays, or holidays. This specific DIY is… Read more »
  • DIY: How to Make a Tassel Blanket
    In this next DIY project, we’ll teach you how to add textured fringe to create a fun tassel throw. Follow these simple steps and create your own! Here’s what you’ll need: BlanketYarn Spool6”x6” Cardboard SquareScissorsNeedleThread Here’s how you do it:  Hold end of yarn firmly and begin wrapping yarn around… Read more »
  • DIY: Clothespin Card Wreath
    Not sure what to do with all the holiday cards you’re collecting this season? I’ve got you covered so your refrigerator doesn’t have to be. In this DIY, I’ll show you how to make a festive wreath and a card display. Two birds, one stone! Here’s what you’ll need: Floral… Read more »
  • DIY: Dreamcatcher Card Display
    In my opinion, snail mail will never go out of style. I love receiving cards from friends and family, especially during the holidays. With the season just around the corner, I’ve decided to come up with a couple of ways to show off sentimental sendables. In this particular DIY project,… Read more »
  • DIY: How to Hang Prints with Binder Clips
    I love decorating my loft with photo prints and colorful artwork, but framing posters and art pieces can be really expensive. Luckily, while visiting a friend’s apartment, she shared with me this clever idea – hanging prints with binder clips! These unassuming office supplies eliminate the need to nail into… Read more »
  • Black Panther Letter DIY Using Zazzle Fabric
    I am completely obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was blown away by its latest origin story, Black Panther. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean, and if you haven’t, get on that! The cast of characters is spectacular, the plot is fantastic, and the message is… Read more »
  • DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces
    The Mason jar craze isn’t slowing down any time soon – they’re just so versatile! What other items can you drink from, store food in, and also place a bouquet? After spending the summer attending wedding celebrations, I’ve recently discovered another terrific use – centerpieces! To create them, it’s as… Read more »
  • DIY Book Wrap
    The school year is in full swing, you’ve received the required reading, and now you’ve been tasked with covering the books. Fear not! With custom wrapping_paper, your books will be well-protected and vibrantly beautiful all year long. Want to give it a try? Here’s what you’ll need: Zazzle Custom Wrapping… Read more »
  • DIY Paper Straw Popsicle 4th of July
    I’m not sure where you are in the world, but as summer continues to ramp up in California, it has been hot, hot, hot! Popsicles are my favorite summer treat, so for this 4th of July holiday I’m making them healthy and patriotic using custom paper straws and simple ingredients.… Read more »
  • DIY Corner: Adding Fabric to Serving Utensils
    Add character to your kitchen this summer with this fun, fast, and fantastic utensil DIY project! Here’s what you’ll need Zazzle Custom Fabric Wooden Serving Utensils Scissors Mod Podge Fabric Finish Painting Sponge Here’s how you do it Step 1 Cut fabric into rectangular strips, large enough to wrap around… Read more »
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